Neutral Shades Table

The shades are in order from lightest to darkest. The differences between shades are very slight, so no worries if it isn’t an exact match of your current shade. Besides, the next shade may match your skin even better! Shades that match share a box and are indicated as matching with an equals sign (=).


COVERGIRL Classic Ivory

L’Oreal Soft Ivory

L’Oreal Classic Ivory

COVERGIRL Classic Beige

Rimmel Ivory

Almay Buff

Rimmel Warm Ivory

Revlon Soft Beige

L’Oreal Natural Buff = COVERGIRL Creamy Natural = COVERGIRL Warm Beige

COVERGIRL Natural Ivory = Maybelline Buff Beige

Maybelline Golden Beige


COVERGIRL Medium Light

Revlon Natural Tan

Rimmel Soft Beige

COVERGIRL Creamy Beige

Revlon Fresh Beige

Rimmel Classic Beige

L’Oreal ¬†Buff Beige

Revlon  Early Tan

Almay Neutral

Revlon Golden Caramel

COVERGIRL Soft Honey = L’Oreal Honey Beige

Rimmel Warm Sand

Revlon Toast Hale

Revlon Rich Tan

L’Oreal Classic Tan

Revlon Caramel

Maybelline Honey Beige

Maybelline Caramel

L’Oreal Cappuccino

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